Car Air Freshener Solar Energy Rotation Aromatherapy Diffuser Car Interior Essential Oil Diffuser Elegant Decoration

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Car Aromatherapy Diffuser
Powered by solar energy, so you do not need to charge. It can easily remove all kinds of odors and makes your car more refreshing.
High quality ABS material, it is durable and eco-friendly. The diameter is 13.5cm and the height is 5cm. It is the decoration of the car dashboard, and it can also be used as decoration for home or office. 
Improve Air Quality: Also as an aromatherapy,our air fresheners come wtih a Cologne aroma ring that improves air quality and keeps the air fresh,feel like in nature. Giving you a good mood everyday.
Long-lasting Fragrance: The fragrance of the scent ring is even and lasting, bringing you a comfortable driving experience.Usually the aroma can about 1 months,optimal use time is 1 months.After one month, the smell will gradually weaken.Put it into the solar air diffuser correctly, the aroma will automatically come out. Available to pregnant women and babies. 


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